We are stuck in an unending cycle of chaos.

Fight between different castes, religions, sub-castes, categories, sex, race.

Looks like we stopped evolving years ago.

One person commits a crime, some people of the opposite religion or sex or caste or race then go start chaos. And the cycle of war starts.

And looks like we don’t want to evolve. We want to live in this garbage pool. It’s garbage of our shitty, orthodox, irrational, biased, negative, violent. thoughts. When I was younger, I used to think that education is the key to awareness, and awareness ultimately helps us come…

I don’t remember when I got into it, but I remember feeling like I am gradually sinking in a deep dark sea of emotions and thoughts, and there was no light, no exit…

I lost my friends, my smile, my appetite, my will, and on some darker days, lost myself.

But I will never forget the day I felt serene, after a very long time. Nothing specific happened, good or bad, really, it was just another day, I was just heading back to the city after spending the weekend with my family. …

One fine Thursday afternoon, Shruti was busy working on her new project when her colleague Rohit called her for lunch. She took her lunch and left for canteen, but forgot her cell phone at her desk. About 15 minutes later she returned and realized she missed a call from Shlok, she instantly called her back, but couldn’t connect. Later she got busy with her work and checked her emails in routine, surprised to see one from Shlok, it read

Dear Shruti

I know it will be hard for you, but this is the only option left with us. Breakups have…

Aanchal Jasuja

My first attempt to bring the writer person sitting inside me. I would really appreciate honest criticism/comments.

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