Aanchal Jasuja
2 min readSep 20, 2019

I don’t remember when I got into it, but I remember feeling like I am gradually sinking in a deep dark sea of emotions and thoughts, and there was no light, no exit…

I lost my friends, my smile, my appetite, my will, and on some darker days, lost myself.

But I will never forget the day I felt serene, after a very long time. Nothing specific happened, good or bad, really, it was just another day, I was just heading back to the city after spending the weekend with my family. Dad dropped me off at the airport, and I still had time to board the flight, but I asked him to leave because I needed some solitude, and believe me, this time, not to cry, but to focus, on me.

I can still reminisce that day, I sat at this little café at the airport, turned off my phone, no social media, no stalking, just me and my coffee. Just looked around, perceived people, enjoyed my book, and I did not feel weighed down anymore.

I wasn’t bothered about the past, and that’s when, I felt like I have finally come out of that sea, where I was anchored down.

I could see the sky and breathe again…



Aanchal Jasuja

My first attempt to bring the writer person sitting inside me. I would really appreciate honest criticism/comments.