We have Failed as Humans

Aanchal Jasuja
2 min readOct 16, 2020


We are stuck in an unending cycle of chaos.

Fight between different castes, religions, sub-castes, categories, sex, race.

Looks like we stopped evolving years ago.

One person commits a crime, some people of the opposite religion or sex or caste or race then go start chaos. And the cycle of war starts.

And looks like we don’t want to evolve. We want to live in this garbage pool. It’s garbage of our shitty, orthodox, irrational, biased, negative, violent. thoughts. When I was younger, I used to think that education is the key to awareness, and awareness ultimately helps us come out of the shell and think rationally. But I was wrong. I have known some very literate yet stupid people who still believe that the answer to one slap is two slaps to that person’s whole community.

Why do we even blame the government? People make the government. We live like crabs, always pulling the other person down, by stating that he/she is of a lower sex/category/religion/caste/subcaste/race/color. I think the list might be very long.

When I have multiple applications in my cell phone, I create folders, and some times even subfolders, in order to organize things (by categorizing them on a need-basis). We (the human race), also might have begun categorizing people due to similar reasons. We divided ourselves into multiple gripes on the basis of our profession, our language, our food habits, living habits, etc. Then at some point, we thought, we need someone to lead the group, in order to have a decorum, discipline, probably. That leader then realized how much power she/he has, and started misusing it. But obviously, people would start realizing that they are being used by the leader, they then probably raised their voice, and demanded a change in the leadership. The ultimate aim of this categorization and leadership was peace and our betterment. But now, the only thing left with the human race is greed, power, and money. Peace, love, equality, respect, empathy, seem like a long-lost cause.

We live in a world full of opportunities, technology, advanced science, and yet it’s also full of chaos, violence, anger, hatred.

“Human Beings” are the most inhuman creatures on this planet.



Aanchal Jasuja

My first attempt to bring the writer person sitting inside me. I would really appreciate honest criticism/comments.